Software development on steroids: free web-based tools for better productivity

Whoever you are, an independent developer, freelancer or a team, your daily activities go far beyond just writing the code. You have plenty of issues in your backlog, a lot of code to test, a bunch of code repositories to manage and lots of binary dependencies to store somewhere (probably not in the code repository). In order … Read more

Local singletons in Spring

When developing applications using dependency injection containers there are times when having a single global scope is not enough. As an example, consider having multiple instances of some “heavy” component. Creating such components requires dependencies declared as singletons within the scope of a particular object hierarchy (usually rooted in the component itself), and as prototypes … Read more

Dynamic Code Evolution VM – Alternative to JRebel?

I recently came across a free JRebel alternative called DCEVM. In short, DCEVM is a patched Java Virtual Machine that allows you to dynamically replace code fragments in the running application. Unlike the standard JVM which is capable to only replace method bodies, DCEVM “allows adding and removing fields and methods as well as changes … Read more