Is it the end of RESTful era?

REST as the architectural style of designing web APIs has been around for years. Many developers are used to it and think about REST as about something fairly common. The others, who came from the world of desktop applications and RPC-like binary communication protocols, just started climbing the learning curve of REST trying to incorporate its principles into their brand new … Read more

Dynamic Code Evolution VM – Alternative to JRebel?

I recently came across a free JRebel alternative called DCEVM. In short, DCEVM is a patched Java Virtual Machine that allows you to dynamically replace code fragments in the running application. Unlike the standard JVM which is capable to only replace method bodies, DCEVM “allows adding and removing fields and methods as well as changes … Read more

The Pragmatic Programmer

I just recently realised that the definition of pragmatic programmer is surprisingly accurate in describing my own programmer’s personality. Here is the link to wikipedia article: Characteristics of a pragmatic programmer taken from the book mentioned there: Early adopter / fast adapter Inquisitive Critical thinker Realistic Jack-of-all-trades No way but that’s just me! I was … Read more