Pure Java way to publish annotated POJO through JMX

When it comes to JMX, the technology seems to be useful in some monitoring use cases, but apparently, it has almost nothing to do with developed functionality. So we often just want everything to work right out of the box, without considerable effort and ugly code.

If we are lucky ones who use Spring then integration is relatively easy. We can simply mark all published properties and methods with annotations. But Spring is not yet everywhere (which is not bad, right?). No problem, then. There are several open-source projects out there which allow to publish Java objects using annotations.

Recently, looking for some really simple yet working implementation (also out of my technical curiosity) I added to the list yet another and definitely working one, which is called jmx-made-easy.

The project can be found on Github here: https://github.com/vtsaplin/jmx-made-easy


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